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Last updated: Saturday, September 8, 2007

business-cartoon.pngSometimes there are misconceptions of Property Managers duties. Here are some basic standard duties of a Property Manager.

1. Mail and post notices (agenda) for all scheduled Board, Special and Members meetings as outlined in the applicable documents.


2. Minutes shall be taken by the Property Manager. After two (2) weeks of previous meeting, minutes are to be made available to members. (Recorded minutes should be reduced to writing and shall conform to the Association’s Attorney’s minute taking procedures/recommendations.)


3. Violation letters should only be issued if the violation is witnessed by the Property Manager or by written complaint signed by a unit owner. (Third hand information or lack of written proof is not tangible evidence to issue a violation.)


4. Prepares Sales & Lease forms to be approved by the Board of Directors.


5. Direct in the preparation of monthly financial statements.


6. Provide drafts of budgets & reserves for annual budget workshop meeting.


7. Secures competitive bids for projects exceeding $1,000.00.


8. Employ and contract for services such as security, pool maintenance, clubhouse cleaning, landscape, personnel and onsite management personnel, if required. (Also may arrange for purchase of supplies and equipment for Association use as necessary.)


9. Property Manager Site Inspections is conducted as required ensuring adequate building and ground maintenance.


10. Report quarterly assessment delinquencies to the Board for approval to lien individual property. (After lien is processed, all inquires should be directed to the Association’s Attorney office.)


11. Property Manager authorizes all billings due to vendors before being process by bookkeeper.


12. Provide for 24-hour emergency service. (Building water leaks are considered an emergency. It is the Property Manager’s duty to seal leaks by hiring available contractors.)

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