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Florida Workers Compensation Rate Increase: In 2003 when the Florida legislation mended FL. Statute 440.34 to limit  attorney fees for benefits secured to a strict contingency fee schedule. Another way to mandate how much costs can be spent on attorney... 

Why do Management Company’s Charge a Fee for a seemly easy Estoppel  request?   One significant reason; whoever signs an Estoppel Request Form is responsible for accuracy..   If signed by Property Manager, the Board would be held harmless,... 

(8) Upon expiration of the policy term, an insurer may transfer commercial lines policy to another authorized insurer that is a member of the same group or owned by the same holding company as the transferring insurer. The transfer constitutes a renewal... 

Work Contracts and Bids Before the condominium Florida Statute revisions entered into law, bids and proposals were to be kept for a period of one year. Effective October 1, 2008, now bids and proposals are mandated to be kept for a period of seven years. The... 

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