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Last updated: Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Florida Workers Compensation Rate Increase:

In 2003 when the Florida legislation mended FL. Statute 440.34 to limit  attorney fees for benefits secured to a strict contingency fee schedule. Another way to mandate how much costs can be spent on attorney fee’s regarding Workers Comp.
ClintonOn April 28. 2016, the Florida Supreme Court issued an opinion in the case of Castellanos vs. Next Door Company. The outcome of the decision was declared unconstitutional to place a cap on attorney fee’s.

Long story short, we return to unlimited hourly attorney fee’s.

Although some articles state Castellanos decision is not part of proposed Worker Compensation rate increase, an expected 16% increase will be effective August 1, 2016

Workers Compensation for most Condominium and Homeowner’s Associations are around $800. to $900 per year. Small peanuts compared to price hike of our Florida wind and flood insurance after hurricane Wilma, 2005.

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