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Last updated: Sunday, March 16, 2008

Ok lets get this straight, since Florida is notorious for fouling up presidential elections, and now that Charlie Crist is our elected governor to make a difference (as promised) an attempt was made to go back to a “paper trail” in hopes of verifying true votes, as apposed to electronic, where the governor can simply add or delete votes on command with little or no detection.

In order to pass the “paper trail” bill, a number of amendments were added to satisfy the greedy legislators. One of the attached amendments was to move state primary back to January 29, 2008, which blatantly undermines the Democratic National Committee (DNC).  For a chance to regain compliance, the DNC gave a thirty day period or window by allowing florida state legislation to move democratic primary dates forward. The Florida legislation decided to argue with the DNC instead. Since Florida legislation pissed off the DNC, us floridians lost all votes for the presidential democratic nomination.

In the first place, if goveneror Charlie Crist made a consious decision to fight for the removal of moving the earily primary date, we would have had a vote. Now that the presumptuous mistake is in place, Charlie Crist is bickering with the DNC to allow our votes to count. This is one out of many screw ups which costs floridians. But this mistake doesn’t compare to the promise made by Charlie Crist if elected, he would lower our homeowners insurance. Incase you haven’t noticed, our homeower insurance rates were never lowered, in fact Charlie Crist stepped down and agreed with the greedy legislators to freeze Citizen’s insurance rates for three years.

Gee thanks Mr. Charlie Crist, now that insurance rates are two to three times higher (by Citizen’s, a Florida controlled insurance company) a freeze now gives any new insurance companies a higher-standard-rate to compete with. The end result is that floridains are stuck with ridiculously high insurance premimums and most likely will only raise to an even higher rate after the misally three year freeze.

More than ever, high insurance rates by Citizen’s, are currently hurting floridains financailly. Especially those who live on fixed incomes. Citizen’s high insurance rates are the direct result of associations exsuberately high maintenance fees. The only remedy floridains have for combating high insurance rates is to read, “Property Insurance at a All time High” then write and send an appropraite letter to the florida state legislation.

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