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Last updated: Friday, November 16, 2007


Do you have a New or self manage association? Is your association being turned over by a developer or would it be interesting to see comparisons?  Gulfshore Property Mgmt. offers free services.

Gulfshore Property Mgmt. will evaluate your association assets, income & expense and develop and/or create a proposed budget for free. Sometimes associations who are self managed may find themselves behind schedule or being rushed to complete a budget in a timely manner. To research all the utilities, cable, and necessary companies for your community takes a considerable amount of time and these companies only offer a guestimate of next years projected costs. Reserves can also be a painstaking task. Whether it’s roofing, paving resurfacing, asphalt seal coating, building paint, elevator replacement/repairs, pool equipment replacement, water pumps, fountains and Chickee hut or seawall replacement. With the array of all Marco Island and Naples proven vendors and by comparing prices and services, Gulfshore Property Mgmt. already has these projections ready for you.

Occasionally a Homeowner or Director is not sure if the budget reserves or the income and expense are regulated correctly. Or simply do not understand what “Owners Equity” is and why it applies to their association. Even landscape companies can be confusing because of hidden costs. There are costs associated with fungicide, pest control, fertilizer, and sprinkler repair. Every year there should be a plant replacement program for basic care and maintenance of the common grounds. These costs may or may not be in the landscaping contract. Here is a list of other considerations, if not already to include in a basic community association proposed budget:

  • The costs to maintain all assets.
  • The priority and costs of maintenance.
  • The costs of required frequency of maintenance.
  • The time it takes for required maintenance.
  • Establish criteria of the level of maintenance required.
  • The cost of preventive maintenance.
  • Any other costs associated with emergency procedures and plans.
  • Routine Maintenance: Requires maintenance costs. (Examples: landscaping, pool and building up-keep.)
  • Preventive Maintenance:
    Cost of maintenance to preserve assets which can prevent breakdown. (Examples: Dryer vent, sewer and other drainage cleaning. Rebuilding of air/con, heater and pool equipment.)
  • Emergency Services Maintenance: Requires available funds to respond to emergencies. (Examples: Water leaks such as broken pipes, roof leak and sewer stoppage etc.)
  • Corrective Maintenance:
    These are costs of non-emergency, but are necessary maintenance. (Examples: Eradication of rat and other pest nests. Or the removal of ant, bee or wasps nest.)
  • Schedule Replacements:
    The costs of wear and tear should already be evaluated and executed in the budget. (Examples: These are costs already in the reserves or line items in the operating budget.)

Pool Maintenance Requirements, Fire Safety, Elevator Service, pest control and security guard all have Florida State requirements and should be evaluated carefully while considering a budget. (More on these subjects in a later post.)

With a simple phone call or email, a professional property manager will answer any questions regarding your community. Even if it’s only for comparison purposes, we are friendly, considerate and are happy to assist.

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