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Last updated: Saturday, December 29, 2007

Sometimes surfing the net can be frustrating, even while looking for a simple general subject. Try a key word search for, “property management, Naples”.

Most likely you may find conflicting websites. The first #1 listing on the front page for example, “Compass Management Group- Coming Soon”.   


Currently the company’s website reads “coming soon” and is not functioning. Also on the front page we found a special PDF (Portable Document Format) site, which had nothing to do with property management. Other sites viewed on the front page using the same key word were; software management, tool rentals, real estate, boat care, landscape and a company from Bonita Springs. With complicated algorithm ranking systems, the accuracy of search engines is diminishing by the day.

State requirements

The State of Florida requires condominium and cooperatives with 100 units or more, must obtain competitive bids if the contract exceeds five (5) percent of the association’s total annual budget, including reserves.

Regardless of the total annual budget, there are no State requirements of obtaining competitive bids for Community Association Management. However, it would be a disservice to your community not to seek competitive bids.

Even quality Property Management Companies cannot compete against “Super Sites”

Since property management are generally local companies, it would be a great feat to rank as high as a nationwide website. Therefore, local websites would likely be placed nowhere near the front page, no matter what search word is entered. With popular key words, it takes a high ranking website to remain on the front page.

Big site rule, small site drool

With management companies competing for the same “key words”, there’s only one website that stands above the crowd, All Property Management.

With approximately twenty seven thousand (27,000) in-bound links, this nationwide (including Canada) mega-site is classified as a PR6 (page rank 6) site.

The website has a professional layout which make for easy access locating desirable property management companies. To quickly find companies of choice, simply highlight number of units and enter your zip code, located on the front page.

Each company has their own special page with nicely layered borders wrapped around select pictures. Also, by combining the energy of red and the happiness of yellow, the color of orange highlights important elements of the design.

It’s obvious to us the author is an experienced property manager who knows the business. Some favorite Q&A’s include:

What Do Property Managers, Or Real Estate Managers, Do?

Real Estate Property Managers 

Real Estate Asset Managers 

Property Management And The Law 

Hiring A Property Manager 

Best kept secret of the net:  
If you look at the sidebar, you’ll notice a lonely innocent four-letter word, “blog”.  This blog design is cleaner than a granite counter top. You won’t find any annoying flashy advertisements here, but you will find a lot of valuable information regarding every aspect of property management. Some of the posts we enjoyed were:

Seattle Property Management

Las Vegas Property Management

Los Angeles Property Management

Community Association Managers – How They Can Help Your Homeowners Association 

Forget about Featured Property Managers, see management Blog for useful information

Some changes we would make: eliminate, “Featured Property Managers” pages. Clients are interested in companies in their local area. Unless the Featured Property Managers are grouped together by geographic locations, we really can’t see any significance. Moreover, Featured Property Managers should really be called, “Featured Management Companies”. Also, it may be a professional touch displaying people conversing in the header, but if one person stands out above the rest,

and who is not a celebrity or a featured author, it just seems odd to look at.

All Property Management proves to be a valueable marketing tool 

In one mouth we received two (2) relevant leads from All Property Management and Zero (0) from Embarq yellow pages and Yahoo’s directory. If you have a management company, we highly recommend advertising with All Property Management. We give the company and website an “A”, for overall usefulness. For great customer service, ask for Windy.

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