Bad Hurricane Predictions Costs Florida Homeowners
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Last updated: Monday, December 3, 2007


We can relax now, the Atlantic Hurricane season has ended for 2007.

Despite the pre-season predictions of a very active season, not one hurricane came close to Florida, only a couple of tropical storms. However, a Category one (1) Hurricane, Humberto did hit Texas and Louisiana causing major property damages.

Hurricane Wilma was an eye opener for South West Florida.

Since Hurricane Wilma, South West Floridians has suffered large insurance increases due to local insurance companies closing their doors, and leaving town. Since Florida has mandatory insurance requirements for all Florida associations, the State of Florida had to take on insurance responsibilities. For an insurance solution, Florida legislation created Citizen’s Insurance Company. The price to pay for this company is enormous and is paid for by Floridians.

To add fuel to the fire, world famous hurricane experts share their pre-season predictions.

Although Floridians for years had been laughing at hurricane predictions, these predictions has an adverse effect on our tourism and costs of insurance premiums.

Professionals rely on other professionals to make informative decisions.

Tourists will not buy plane tickets in advance knowing of a predicted heavy storm season. They would most-likely plan for a different destination in fear of their vacation being spoiled by a hurricane. Prospective home buyers would be less interested in buying in a predetermined active hurricane season. Professionals will seriously consider hurricane predictions made my meteorologist.  Insurance and government companies pay very close attention to these prediction’s.

The last few years pre-season hurricane predictions by meteorologist had completely missed their mark.

Even though his forecasts had been wrong in the past, meteorologist Dr. William Gray is probably the world’s most famous hurricane experts. And his forecast for 2005, 2006 and 2007 had missed the mark completely. In 2005, Grey and his team forecast fifteen (15) named storms. There were twenty-seven (27). In 2006, Grey forecast seventeen (17) named storms. There were nine (9). And Grey predicts more hurricane activity for 2007, which wasn’t even close.

If just once, somebody would sue and win a lawsuit from one of these forecasting guru’s, then maybe they would keep their predictions to their own private records. These dreary forecasts have a costly effect on our economy.

In a society that will throw Paris Hilton in consolatory confinement for twenty three days, for not knowing if she can drive under a suspended license or not. Or throw our beloved Martha Steward in jail for lying to a Grand Jury. You would think there should be some payable repercussions for guru meteorologist making such gross mistakes in there hurricane predictions. It’s high time these professional meteorologist who make pre-season hurricane predictions are held accountable and pay for their mistakes.

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