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Last updated: Monday, February 25, 2008

If considering installing storm shutters before the hurricane season, there are a few things you should know first, especially if living in a planned community. With many types of shutter styles and different specifications, it may be a confusing choice. Furthermore, there are many alternative storm protection apparatuses such as laminated glass or window film, which can be architecturally designed to comply with local building codes.

Each association administrative should have hurricane specifications in place or adopted. These should include color, style and aesthetic features conforming to building codes. Even if the community documents require a board approval, as long as abiding by the adopted specifications, the board cannot refused or deny shutter installation. Conversely, if installation should accede by local building codes, the board is prohibited to reject or decline installation of laminated glass or window film.

Since hurricane shutters are not considered a material change (which requires a 75% of total voting interest), by a majority vote, the board can elect to install hurricane shutters within the community. However, where laminated glass or window adhering to local building codes is installed, the board may not install hurricane shutters.  Once the board installs hurricane shutters, the board would be responsible for maintenance, repairs and replacements as necessary.

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Regardless of the formality of shutter installation, in order to preserve and protect the condominium property, the board can at anytime operate, repair or replace storm shutters as necessary.

718.113 (5):  Each board of administration shall adopt hurricane shutter specifications for each building within each condominium operated by the association which shall include color, style, and other factors deemed relevant by the board. All specifications adopted by the board shall comply with the applicable building code. Notwithstanding any provision to the contrary in the condominium documents, if approval is required by the documents, a board shall not refuse to approve the installation or replacement of hurricane shutters conforming to the specifications adopted by the board. The board may, subject to the provisions of s. 718.3026, and the approval of a majority of voting interests of the condominium, install hurricane shutters and may maintain, repair, or replace such approved hurricane shutters, whether on or within common elements, limited common elements, units, or association property. However, where laminated glass or window film architecturally designed to function as hurricane protection which complies with the applicable building code has been installed, the board may not install hurricane shutters. The board may operate shutters installed pursuant to this subsection without permission of the unit owners only where such operation is necessary to preserve and protect the condominium property and association property. The installation, replacement, operation, repair, and maintenance of such shutters in accordance with the procedures set forth herein shall not be deemed a material alteration to the common elements or association property within the meaning of this section.

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