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Last updated: Friday, December 21, 2007


Ten (10) Reasons that make Property Managers go Hymn:

10. After-hour complaints regarding smoke detector beeping without any smoke. Property manager asks, “When was the last time you changed the batteries?”

9. Owner complains of neighbor’s cat peeing on shrubs causing them to wilt.

8. Lawn maintenance mows over and snaps sprinkler head in half. Lawn maintenance replace sprinkler head and charges association for irrigation repair.

7. Reports of a dead possum in the street.

6. Pool maintenance man tops-off pool with a garden hose. Pool maintenance man finishes and leaves job while forgetting to turn off water.

5. Plumber breaks building shut off valve using wrong pipe wrench. Plumber fixes building shut off valve and charges association for valve repair.

4. Homeowner fills elevator well with cat-litter because it smelled.

3. Owner (Snowbird) flies home for the summer, leaving an unknown leaky pipe. Owner returns to a mildew moldy mess. Owner demands association to pay for damages.

2. A punctured hole in the wall cause by moving furniture.  Owner demands association to pay for damages. 

And the number one (1) reason Property Managers  go Hymn:

1. Directors make error on amounts and quantity of building insurance. Directors sue the association for gross negligent.


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