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Last updated: Wednesday, November 21, 2007


With budget season about coming to a close, here are a few more budget items to consider, if not already added.

Miscellaneous Pool Maintenance Costs:

  • Annual operating pool permits expense.
  • Artificial lighting. (Under water lighting costs $350 to $500.)
  • Replacement of life ring, throw rope and Shepard’s hook.
  • Pool signs.

Fire Safety:

  • The replacement costs of fire alarms and maintenance.
  • Annual fire extinguisher inspections performed by a state license inspector.
  • The replacement costs of fire extinguisher and maintenance.

Elevator Service:

  • Annual certificate of operation costs, issued by the DBPR, which is usually framed with a transparent cover.
  • Quarterly costs of service maintenance contract for routine maintenance. (Special note, any change of maintenance service contract must be reported to the DBPR. Also, any injury or death must be reported within five (5) days of incident.)
  • The cost of cleaning the elevator’s bottom well could also prove to be another significance expense.

Pest Control:

  • The costs of routine building pest control; these are high costs because of state requirements. A licensed Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services shall only perform fumigation in individual residences.  Also, Community Associations should never have unlicensed or uncertified personnel perform pest control services in individual units or in common areas. Furthermore, pest Control businesses must maintain insurance coverage. 
  • Fungicides and chemicals for pest control of shrubs, ornamentals and turf must only be performed by State licensed and insured pest control personnel and must carry an identification card. These services are high costs maintenance due to strict regulations.

Security Guards:

  • Bathroom supplies and cleaning materials are usually purchased by a cleaning service and are not included in their service contract. Check the contract for any unknown costs.
  • Security guard contracts should never be increased before a new annual budget begins. All costs of maintaining operation should be included in the security guard contract. Here are a few items to consider:
  • The security agent must have a “class D” license. The agency must also be licensed. The contract also should state the dates of biannual license renewal.
  • License employees should wear uniforms with the patch identifying the employing agency.
  • Armed security officers must have both Class D and Class G licenses.
  • Security guards must contact the local police for any criminal acts and must not use force or try to make an arrest. Only law enforcement is granted the use of police powers.
  • The Department of State, division of Licensing, regulates security officers.

After the proposed budget has been reviewed and accepted by all Board of Directors, it’s time to prepare for mailings.

If not written in the governing documents, Condominium and Cooperative require a minimum of a fourteen (14) day written notice with attached proposed budget prior of budget meeting. Homeowners associations required a minimum of at least seven (7) day before the meeting with proposed budget attachments.

An executed affidavit is required for compliance of State requirement of Condominium and Cooperatives. For proof of evidence, executing an affidavit for homeowner associations are also recommended. The affidavit should be filed in official records of the association.

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