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Last updated: Friday, February 29, 2008

There are many people who could not live without cable television, us included. If we had to choose between food and cable television, we choose the latter. Cable or satellite television is a must have next to the home computer. But sometimes, if living in a condominium or cooperative, may have limited access for newly install cable, especially high rises.

If a homeowner wishes to install cable from a local franchise, there is nothing in any governing document would prevent from doing so. In order to reach the designation, occasionally the cable company would have to tap through common walls. Because of the inconvenience, noise and the possible burden of going through resident’s walls with added cable, the directors are reluctant to give approval.

There is no approval necessary to acquire cable service in any community. Also, there are no added charges except for the installation charge agreed upon by the provider and resident. However, a satellite dish is handle differently in a condominium or cooperation.

Since the dish requires a bracket mounted on a common wall or installed on rooftop, which is also maintained by the association, the board may rightfully deny approval. For those of you who desire to beat the system by placing the dish in a lanai area pointed south toward the stars, beware. The placement could easily be deemed a nuisance by the association resulting with removal of the satellite dish.

For more fun facts see, “Changes for Homeowner’s Association”. To read supporting documents, click here. 
718.1232:  Cable television service; resident’s right to access without extra charge.–No resident of any condominium dwelling unit, whether tenant or owner, shall be denied access to any available franchised or licensed cable television service, nor shall such resident or cable television service be required to pay anything of value in order to obtain or provide such service except those charges normally paid for like services by residents of, or providers of such services to, single-family homes within the same franchised or licensed area and except for installation charges as such charges may be agreed to between such resident and the provider of such services.

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